Ningbo Pelican Smart Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.
No.16, Yongchang Road, Chengdong Industrial Park, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China

Zip Code: 315000

Tel: +86 0574 87399966


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How it works?

Download the Rippton App

Scan this QR code or search for “Rippton” on the Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Huawei App Store or Apple App Store to install the app on your mobile device.

Watch the Tutorial video and Read the User Manual

Watch the operational tutorial video and read the latest User Manual before the flight.

Check the Battery Level

Short press the power button to check the battery level.

Charge the Battery

Plug-in the adapter to charge the battery and remote controller. (MOBULA Smart Battery charging time: 2~3hr; Remote Controller charging time: 2hr)

Prepare the Remote Controller

Unfold the antenna and attach the mobile device to the clamp.

Prepare for Takeoff

Insert a fully charged battery, unfold both arms, propellers and the MOBULA antennas. Ensure the propellers are installed in the right position. Short press and long press the MOBULA power button and the remote controller power button to prepare for takeoff.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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    ““#MOBULA BAIT-RELEASING DRONE# I’ve been wanting a drone for quite a while and I’m so happy I waited for this gem. It can be controlled both by the remote and phone (through their app “Rippton”). It flies smoothly, hovers stably and very responsive to commands. All in all, this drone is great for the price. ” #FISHING DRONE#

  • Author image

    “#MOBULA BAIT-RELEASING DRONE# It came in a nice box with 1 battery, 4 propellers, 2 landing skids, a remote, instructions, spare screws and an awesome backpack. Easy to assemble, there are some small screws but a bit of patience it comes together very easily. Operation is easy. Just download the app onto your mobile phone and follow the instructions. You need to calibrate the drone and takes about a minute. Worked for me first time and should for you as well. With a full charge, you can fly up to 15 minutes. Can be folded and easily packed into the backpack; easy to carry.” #FISHING DRONE#

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    “#MOBULA BAIT-RELEASING DRONE# Delivery is faster than I thought. The drone looks cool and it is easy to fly. A detailed instruction is included. It helps a lot. All the buttons are illustrated and explained how it will work.” #FISHING DRONE#

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    “#MOBULA BAIT-RELEASING DRONE# This is my first ever drone and I love it! Auto-returning is pretty sweet! It automatically returns home and lands if you lose reception or the battery is extremely low. Has the low battery alarm function; It beeps when the battery is low. Was pretty impressed with it considering I’m a beginner at flying! #FISHING DRONE#

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    “#MOBULA BAIT-RELEASING DRONE# What surprised me is that as a fishing drone, the 720p camera quality is exquisite and controls are simple. I can adjust the lens manually. The technology is right on the money. I wholeheartedly endorse this product.” #FISHING DRONE#

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    “#MOBULA BAIT-RELEASING DRONE# #FISHING DRONE# It can carry up to 2.5kg bait. I flew it to 2km away and it still performed well. This is a SOLID application, product, set of instructions & support! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Our Product


  • Robust and Inexpensive
  • 3 kg payload
  • 800 m RC range
  • Foolproof control
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  • More intelligent and more powerful
  • 3 kg payload
  • 800 m RC distance
  • Autopilot
  • Free featured App
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  • User-friendly OS
  • 2.5 kg max payload
  • 1.5km casting range
  • 3 releasing devices
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  • A special backpack
  • Size 72cm*47cm*22cm
  • Weight 2.9kg
  • Outer fabric Acrylic
  • Inner fabric 210DPU
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Questions and Answers.

Why can’t I connect my mobile device with the MOBULA’s Wi-Fi?

MOBULA can only connect with one mobile device. Ensure there is only one device connecting the MOBULA’s Wi-Fi simultaneously.

What should I do when Rippton App keeps crashing after being updated to a new version?

Delete the then-current application, and then download the new version of Rippton App, rather than overlay.

Why does MOBULA fly only within 300-meter range radius?

Usually it’s because Learner Mode is switched on. With Learner Mode on, MOBULA can only fly within 300-meter range radius centered by the home point and fly no higher than 40 meters. The flight speed is significantly lowered.

Why does the MOBULA remote controller or Rippton app start beeping?

Remote controller and Rippton app will beep when RTH (Return-to-Home) has triggered.


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